Actionable thinking in a busy world



The premise of the business is to provide consultancy support and leadership for anyone who needs an accomplished thinker in their midst. The name derives from my desire to think in an action orientated way. Not thinking in an over cerebral, over intellectualised, chin stroking way, but in a way that can be delivered, easily understood and shows results.



Then when we have noodled on the problem [and the problem could be brand, communications, positioning, creative, engagement, internal, CRM, data… it could be with the consumer or the trade] then we shape a solution in the relevant context. The solution will be shaped by the consumers, the category, the client, the budget — but it will be action-shaped, do- shaped so it can be delivered rapidly.



Do we do the do — well we help with the do. We ensure that the red thread of strategy in thinking and shaping runs through to the doing. So the strategy is inseparable from the action. So that no action takes places unless it solves the problem and is aligned with the strategy.

Because the thinking is driven by linkages — clients can buy just think or just shape [taking on someone else’s brand strategy to creative for example] or managing the do — ensure internal and agency alignment around another’s strategy.



Project or interim strategist/planner

Specific planning or strategy task

Pitch power

Creating a thinking culture/adopting a planning or thinking led approach

Developing a planning process for your business/agency


Lisa’s Character

Fast-paced, gentle, kind, considered, smart, gently eccentric and a little bit daring.