Lisa is a breath of fresh air to anyone looking to revitalize stale, predictable communications planning. She takes a highly enthusiastic approach to tackling business problems, researches methodically and presents ideas clearly and with a no-nonsense approach. I’ve always thought Lisa would be an excellent teacher if she ever decides to change careers. She’s a true professional, a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her without reservation.
— Christine Allen, Brand Manager at UPS
Lisa radiates passion and positivity. The phrase ‘can do’ was written for her. Her energy is infectious. It’s like dropping an Alka Seltzer of ideas into any concept generation session, a Bathbomb into a brainstorm. She does present one challenge – when she’s in full flow you’ll need a court stenographer to capture her wise outpourings.
— Sean Callaghan, Independent Marketing and Advertising Professional
Lisa is Clever with a capital C. She is an incredibly intelligent insightful instinctive planner who is highly passionate about everything she does. She is a great team player and I had the pleasure of pitching with her on many occasions. I would love to work with her again and cannot recommend her more highly.
— Wesley Hogg, Creative Director, Digital Strategy Director
Lisa is like a brilliant, vastly intelligent and keen-witted brain on legs. Her talent for distilling the finest insights and rationale from reams of unintelligible spreadsheets and focus groups make her a planning force to be reckoned with. She fully understands people whether they are audiences, clients or creative and you’d be a fool if you didn’t trust everything that she tells you (in a work sense).
— Tom Hardwidge, Creative Director at Considered Creative
Lisa Tomlinson is quite simply one of the best strategic and creative Planning brains in the business. Her wealth of experience, natural intellect and thirst for knowledge means that she is more than equipped to crack the toughest of briefs, often getting to the kernel of the solution with unusual alacrity, by thinking in lateral ways. This is coupled with a true ‘partner’ mentality; she works with clients to really get under the skin of any business and problem, applying a ‘root and branch’ approach, which the myriad of clients she has helped (and retained professional relationships with) would testify to. One of Lisa’s great strengths is her way of thinking – she is truly ‘diagonal brained’ – applying rational, analytic thinking in the most creative way possible. This thinking is also very much put into action. From my experience, it is rare to meet a Planner who not only understands, solves and innovates but also then uses this foundation to help implement, ensuring that solutions get real results and affect the bottom line. Lisa breaks this mould.

But most importantly, Lisa is a wonderful person. Quick, witty and clever, she is also incredibly nurturing, warm and caring. And it is this, alongside her amazing brain, that allows her to add such value to any business.
— Janine Horsfall, Senior Audience Planner, Future Media at BBC
Since meeting Lisa I have been constantly impressed. It’s not so much to do with her ability – she is truly talented and exceptionally bright – but more to do with: her unfailing ability to get the best out of everyone she works with; the fact that she is a truly insightful individual with a commercial nous; her great mentoring skills, oh, and; she is one of the nicest people in the agency world.
— Paul Ray, Marketing Director at Kitbag Limited
I have rarely worked with someone who is simultaneously so intelligent and personable. Lisa cares deeply about delivering the best insights and strategies for every client on every project; and just as deeply about her colleagues. Her approach is one of 110% commitment and she constantly encourages her colleagues to give of their best. A great leader – it’s a privilege to work with her.
— Ian Mitchell, Mitchado
Lisa is a thoughtful and highly ethical planner whom it would be any client’s good fortune to work with. Colleagues find her tranquil and sympathetic presence facilitates a creative environment and liberates everyone to confidently achieve their best. I have rarely met anyone willing to devote more time or commitment to finding the very best client and creative solutions.
— Drusilla Gabbott, Director at Oxygen Brand Consulting
The are two works for Lisa – ‘the brains’! What a clever lady she is, always thinking 10 steps ahead of everyone else. She’s the best planner I’ve ever worked with. Both clients and colleges love her. It’s a real treat working with her.
— Tara Chandra, Client Director at Heavenly Group Ltd
I was a very lucky planning tadpole and spent about a year being managed by the lovely Lisa. Under her wing I learnt a vast amount and have sneakily stolen a few of her incredibly helpful tactics, approaches and turns of phrase, all of which have been immensely helpful for me as I have grown up into a real life planner myself. Lisa is remarkable, she has a genuine interest in even the most banal of subjects and she is inspired by problems many would run away from. She never fails to apply her marvellous mind and rigorous approach to great success and has been behind many campaigns I would love to have made myself. Lisa is totes amaze.
— Sarah Booth, Strategy Director & Partner at BBH London